Ruffin' It Resort

Ruffin’ It Resort

Our Pledge: Treat Every Guest as if They are Our Own

Imagine yourself curled up in a soft bed next to a crackling fire, being scratched behind the ears… you find a biscuit on your pillow and begin to drift off to the soft sounds of tranquil music… you dream of romping and playing with your best pals, chasing a ball and splashing through the wading pool…you dream of walks and the many things to sniff… you dream of delectable treats and tummy rubs and watching your favorite Scooby-Doo movie… But wait – this isn’t a dream …

Join us for a fabulous stay in one of our bungalows, suites, luxury villas, Ambassador and Presidential Suites, or Pooches-In-Pajamas in this dreamy haven with many amenities!

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