JG Development

JG Development

JG Development builds everything from luxury homes to exquisite sanctuaries and sound community facilities. But what we really love to build is mutual trust and lasting relationships. Our goal is to deliver quality craftsmanship and service to earn your construction business forever. We offer the specific knowledge, experience and expertise your project needs through our four divisions:

Brio Design Homes is our new home construction division, staffed with designers and master craftsmen who are experts in a multitude of styles.

Vive Home Transformations is our home remodeling division – Wisconsin’s most elite, creating new homes at the same addresses.

National Construction is our commercial division that focuses on building the businesses and services most important to a community.

NCI-Roberts Construction is our commercial division with a renowned history of building and transforming churches and nonprofits.

Each of our divisions calls on the others and leverages their specialties. Plus, true to its name, JG Development provides development and other services that make your project more integrated and convenient, like real estate guidance and investor support.

We’d love to start building for you —by first building a relationship. Learn more.