Lori Gibson

Lori Gibson

Sweetie the cat, Lori Gibson, Czar's PromiseJim. Karen. Lori. Suzanne. Cindy. Patti. Beloved family and friends lost to cancer in just the last few years. All much too young and all dearly missed. They are why Lori Gibson is committed to the work that Czar’s Promise represents. In addition to those six, Lori also lost her one-in-a-million cat, Sweetie, to cancer. Sweetie was full of spunk, spirit and love and brought a smile to everyone who encountered her in her short life.

Lori is excited about being part of Czar’s Promise because the team of people who share this vision are strong, committed, compassionate, smart, passionate and most of all, HOPEFUL!  Hopeful that the work this team does together to raise awareness, provide education, offer financial and emotional support and fund grants will make an important impact on finding a cure for the cancers that touch our loved ones.

Lori is a native of Madison and lives with her husband, Gary on a 20 acre horse ranch near Albany, WI. They love spending time with their two rescue pups, Jaxson and Molly, two horses, Taz and Riot and two cats, Verdell and Gracie.  Lori has spent her entire professional career focused on leadership development, training, coaching and team development both as an independent consultant and a corporate employee. She currently works as an Organizational Development Consultant for UnityPoint Health – Meriter.

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It began as a love story; the attraction, immediate. In 2001, a small white fluffball with an infectious smile that had me at "hello", came bounding full steam ahead and into my arms; and yes, that was all it took.

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If you're reading this, you are most likely a dog lover! These images are photos of Czar’s Promise fun filled events, as well as photos of our Canine Cancer Crew, beloved canines who have had their own battle with cancer. Shown here is Gobi.

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