Amanda Utz and Andy Schuth

Amanda and Andy Schuth Czar's Promise

Bosley and Moose, Amanda and Andy Schuth, Czar's PromiseAndy and Amanda know exactly how differently cancer can affect dogs, along with what different paths they can take. They made two separate promises, to two very special puppies. In August of 2015 Bosley, their Bernese Mountain dog was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma. Bosley smiled with his whole heart and it did not take long to leave a lasting impression on all he met. It was only a few short days from the time he had the x-rays at the vet’s office and to when Andy and Amanda were meeting with oncologist, Dr. Kai Shiu. Dr. Shiu diagnosed Bosley with an extremely aggressive form of Osteosarcoma.  While, this is what was affecting his ability to use one of his legs, it has also already sped throughout Bosley. Dr. Shiu reviewed many options with them and with heavy hearts they decided it was Bosley’s time to run free.

A short four months after losing Bosley, while Amanda was traveling for work, their beloved Newfie/St. Bernard mix Moose fell direly ill. Andy took Moose to the emergency vet and found out that Moose had been bleeding internally and would need an emergency splenectomy to save his life. They were also told that it was highly likely that what Moose was suffering from could be cancerous.  It was a long night.  Moose made it through the surgery, but that was just the start. Moose had a difficult time recovering and ended up needing a blood transfusion, then he wouldn’t eat, then he got better, and then we found out it was cancer. Not just any cancer, but hemangiosarcoma which is a type of blood cancer. A few days later, we were back at VES to meet with Dr. Shiu again.  Hello déjà vu.  It was hard, but from that day forward that place has cemented our journey with Czar’s promise. We decided to treat Moose with an aggressive protocol.  Moose rocked it for a whole year and then he started limping.  After a few months and many tests, Moose was also diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, in addition to his Hemangiosarcoma.  Moose then had radiation treatment at UW-Vet school to treat his Osteosarcoma.  Moose bounced back and had an amazing spring. He really loved being the center of attention and he knew his schedule to go to VES better than we did!  One thing we learned with Hemangiosarcoma, was that Moose was great until he was not. In June of 2018 Amanda arrived home to find Moose lethargic. That night, this time when Andy was out of town for work, Amanda once again found herself back at VES.  She was able to rely on the support network of people that she met along the way. Beth Viney set videos of support, Liz Phipps and Lana Hesch met her at VES, Ann Lippinicott sent support messages, and Dr. Shiu called, all to check on Mr. Moose. Over the next few days this network lent their support to Amanda and Andy as they finally faced the terrible news…. Moose’s cancer had started attacking his major organs…they were out of time.  Moose kicked cancer’s ass for 18 months, and loved every moment of it!

THE PEOPLE, is what brings them to Czar’s promise. It is these people who know what it is like to worry, what it is like to know will not out live our dogs, and our dogs cannot tell us what hurts. With a deep resolve they are hopeful that they can begin to change a pet owner’s approach to cancer, along with local vets, and being able to offer the resources needed to move forward. Their stories help highlight the need for support that Czar’s Promise aims to provide.

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