Lana Hesch

Committee Member

When Lana’s one-in-a-million dog, Gobi received a diagnosis of adenocarcinoma in 2014 she was scared, she was beyond terrified, she was devastated, and she was angry.  Cancer had officially entered her world and changed it forever.  Sadly, Gobi passed away 8 months after his diagnosis, but those bonus months brought so many wonderful things….lots of love, hikes, swims, snuggles, fun times, talks, and promises.  Lana made a promise to Gobi to honor his memory, to help those that were given a diagnosis of cancer, and to do everything in her power to fight this disease so nobody else had to lose a loved one to it again.

Those bonus months also brought Lana to the team of Czar’s Promise and she couldn’t be more grateful.  The mission of Czar’s Promise allows her to fulfill the promise she made to Gobi and make a difference in the life of others. 

Lana is a Madison native, lover of dogs, avid cyclist and scuba diver, hiker, marketer, wife, mother of 1, step-mother of 2, grandmother of 1, dog mom of 2, and cat mom of 1.

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It began as a love story; the attraction, immediate. In 2001, a small white fluffball with an infectious smile that had me at "hello", came bounding full steam ahead and into my arms; and yes, that was all it took.

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