Event Liability Waiver


  1. By agreeing to this waiver and release of liability (the “Waiver”), I acknowledge and understand the nature of the Activity I am voluntarily participating in, specifically, Czar’s Promise Walk (the “Activity”), and represent that I am qualified, in good health, and in proper physical condition to participate in the Activity and have not been advised otherwise by a qualified medical person. I also represent that if participating, my dog is also qualified, in good health, and in proper physical condition to participate in the Activity. I further acknowledge that agreeing to this Waiver is a condition to receiving access to the Activity and that access to the Activity is sufficient consideration for my execution of this Wavier. 
  2. Although Czar’s Promise (“CP”) may provide maps, refreshments, and other assistance, I am aware that if I or my dog gets injured, becomes unconscious, suffers a stroke or heart attack or any other medical emergency or event that CP have no duty to provide assistance to me or my dog while participating in the Activity.
  3. I fully understand that (a) the Activity involves risks and dangers of bodily injury, property loss, and even death (“Risks”); (b) these Risks and dangers may be caused by my own actions, or inactions, including my dog’s actions, the actions or inactions of others participating in the Activity, including their dog’s actions, the condition in which the Activity takes place, or the negligence of the Releasees, as defined below; (c) the Activity will be held outside and may involve inclement weather, which has associated Risks; and (d) there may be other risks and social and economic losses either not known to me or not readily foreseeable at this time.  I have elected to assume the above Risks in consideration of participating in the Activity. My assumption of Risk and release hereunder shall be as broad and inclusive as is permitted under applicable law.

The foregoing understood, I, my children, my parents, my heirs, assigns, and my personal representative hereby release and waive any and all claims against CP, its members, officers and employees, all major sponsors, cooperating organizations, and any other parties connected to the Activity in any way (“Releasees”) singularly or collectively, and further hold harmless and indemnify such Releasees from and against any liability, claims of negligence, misadventure, harm, loss, inconvenience or damage hereby suffered or sustained as a result of participation in the Activity, or any other services or activities offered by Releasees. The foregoing notwithstanding, this is NOT a release and waiver of intentional or reckless acts. Such release, waiver, hold harmless and indemnity shall apply to my own claims and/or claims of third parties, relating to my participation in the Activity.

  1. I acknowledge that all participants of the Activity under the age of 18 must be accompanied with a parent/legal guardian when engaging in the Activity.
  2. I understand and acknowledge that following Wis. Stat. § 174.02, as an owner of a dog, I am responsible and liable for the full amount of damages caused by the dog injuring or causing injury to a person, domestic animal, or property. I acknowledge that all dogs must be leashed and supervised at all times during the Activity.
  3. I understand that during my participation in the Activity I or my dog may be photographed, videotaped or have my likeness captured in some other manner. I agree to allow my photo, video or other likeness to be used for any legitimate purpose by the Releasees.   
  4. By accepting and agreeing to this Waiver, I certify and warrant that I have read this Waiver, fully understand its terms, understand that I have given up substantial rights by signing it freely and without any inducement or assurance of any nature and intend it to be a complete and unconditional release of liability, within its terms, to the greatest extent allowed by law. I agree that if any portion of this Agreement is held to be invalid, the balance notwithstanding, shall continue in full force and effect. I understand that this contract represents the complete understanding between myself and CP. No representations, written or oral, other than those contained in this contract are authorized or binding upon CP. This Waiver is made in the State of Wisconsin, the laws of the State of Wisconsin shall govern its terms and any action to interpret or enforce it shall be brought in Dane County, in the State of Wisconsin. 

By accepting and agreeing to this Waiver, you acknowledge that you have read and agreed to the terms of the foregoing Waiver.In this regard, you acknowledge and agree that if the terms of the Waiver are not acceptable, that you have the choice and option to forego your voluntary participation in the Activity.

September 11. 2022

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