Dr. Joshua Smith, DVM, Memorial Fund

Joshua Smith - DVM, of Madison, WI passed away at his home on Tuesday, March 2, 2021. Josh was an extraordinary veterinarian who completed his residency at Cornell University in 2016, and moved to Madison to become Head of Emergency and Critical Care at VCA Veterinary Emergency Service and Veterinary Specialty Center. To pursue his love of continued learning and teaching, Josh joined the University of Wisconsin-Madison Veterinary Medicine department as a Clinical Assistant Professor of Emergency and Critical Care in the fall of 2020.

Josh’s calm demeanor, big heart, unboastful intelligence, furious curiosity, and dry wit sense of humor were parts of him that made him a now irreplaceable partner, father, doctor, and friend. Josh was always so generous and proud. He touched so many lives throughout his career, which has ended all too soon.

Josh shared a powerful yet ever-so-gentle bond with his labs, Ethel and Jed, and new puppy, Martha. Josh spent countless hours training, guiding, and working with Ethel and Jed to hone their skills at what they loved to do best with their dad. Running through the countryside, flushing pheasants, traipsing through every type of terrain and weather condition fueled their energy, enthusiasm, and zest for life. Josh’s fiancé, Laura accompanied them as they all shared very special moments in the solitude of the great outdoors.

Laura, along with Josh’s mother, Janet have established the Czar’s Promise Joshua Smith Memorial Fund. This fund will provide financial assistance and support to sporting dogs who have received a cancer diagnosis and are receiving chemotherapy treatment. 100% of all donations to this very special fund will go to their care.

Josh and Laura were heartfelt advocates and supporters of Czar’s Promise. On behalf of Josh’s family and the Czar’s Promise organization, we thank you for your support of this special fund to honor Josh and his love of his special companions Ethel, Jed, and Martha.


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