10 for 10 Campaign


“When I look into the eyes of an animal, I do not see an animal.  I see a living being. I see a friend.  I feel a soul.” — A. D. Williams

Join Czar’s Promise during the month of May in our campaign goal to raise $10,000 for 10 cherished pets battling cancer.

Every dollar raised provides support toward chemotherapy and radiation care for cherished dogs and cats to enrich their lives and create more memories with their families who care for and love them.

Together, let’s make a difference!  With each donation received, we become all that much closer to our goal. Thank you for making a difference through your compassion and generosity and help provide the care needed in their journey towards healing.

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$10K. 10 Pets. Inspiring Hope!

Meet Phoebe

Age of pet: 8

Type of cancer: Lymphoma

Loves: Hunting mushrooms with mom, trash collecting


Meet Sully

Age of pet: 10

Type of cancer: Lymphoma

Loves: Living his BEST life with his adoring family after his rescue from Turkey

Meet Colby

Age of pet: 7

Type of cancer: Lymphoma

Loves: Travel and hiking Red Rock in Moab, Utah with her mom


Meet Bennie

Age of pet: 13

Type of cancer: Multiple Myeloma

Loves: Being a soft and gentle soul who remains a puppy at heart

Meet Cocoa

Age of pet: 1

Type of cancer: Lymphoma

Loves: Helping out as a Diabetic Alert Dog who loves to go to work with dad

Meet Cosmo

Age of pet: 6

Type of cancer: Osteosarcoma

Loves: To run and play with his Pyr brother, mom and dad, after being rescued from Utah


Meet Farley

Age of pet: 5

Type of cancer: Anal Sac Carcinoma

Loves: Joyfully playing with the grandkids


Meet Gomez

Age of pet: 11

Type of cancer: Lymphoma

Loves: Thriving with his own Facebook page, known as "Catstar"

Meet Isis

Age of pet: 14

Type of cancer: Thyroid Carcinoma

Loves: Her kitty siblings and generally being a sweet feline

Mr. Jingles

Meet Mr. Jingles

Age of pet: 9

Type of cancer: Soft Tissue Sarcoma

Loves: Taking walks through the neighborhood with his dad


Meet Nero

Age of pet: 8

Type of cancer: Lymphoma

Loves: Traveling many cross-country miles with his dad and canine siblings


Meet Rosie

Age of pet: 9

Type of cancer: Anal Sac Carcinoma

Loves: Being  a very special heart dog to her mom and pals with her pup siblings


Meet Teddy

Age of pet: 14

Type of cancer: Epitheliotropic Cutaneious Lymphoma

Loves: His ball and playtime with his very special person


Meet Tilly

Age of pet: 8

Type of cancer: Insulinoma

Loves: To snuggle and care for her baby human sister

Meet Winifred

Age of pet: 4

Type of cancer: Chondrosarcoma

Loves: 8 soft lambies and her swimming pool filled with balls


Meet Bentley

Age of pet: 8

Type of cancer: Mast Cell Cancer

Loves: Volunteering at a children's hospital as an ESA Certified Therapy Dog


Meet Gretel

Age of pet: 5

Type of cancer: Carcinoma

Loves: Snuggling and being sweet, sweet, sweet


Meet Zoey

Age of pet: 9

Type of cancer: Insulinoma

Loves: Playing with her human siblings

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Links for support group information, as well as books and articles on anticipating the loss of your pet, and other resources.


It began as a love story; the attraction, immediate. In 2001, a small white fluffball with an infectious smile that had me at "hello", came bounding full steam ahead and into my arms; and yes, that was all it took.

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If you're reading this, you are most likely a dog lover! These images are photos of Czar’s Promise fun filled events, as well as photos of our Canine Cancer Crew, beloved canines who have had their own battle with cancer. Shown here is Gobi.

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